Littlehampton Fort Community and Family Fun Day

Well its all over and done with.  We as a team have never organised such an event, it was 8 months worth or work, alot of hard work and a lot of late nights sorting things out.

I am so pleased with how the Management Team worked, the team itself is a newly formed team,  apart from obviously Maddy and Carine,  have never met before, yet we all gelled and worked as a real efficient team.  Everyone who was set tasks to complete did so in a really professional manner.

I think this event has been really good not only for the Fort, as we raised money, but also as a really good team building project.    What started off as a team of people back in January 2014, who were all very inexperienced has now developed four people into a good partnership.

The day in all raised £866! which i think is absolutely amazing.

We have had some really good feedback from the from stall holders “really well organised event”, “the day had a really nice feel to it”.  We are in the process of sending out surveys to all the stall holders, asking for their feedback. There are lessons to be learnt whenever organising these type of events, and we will be taking on board any ideas or suggestions which come from the survey results.  We will be doing another event next year.  Whether the location and date will be the same i cant say at this point, but watch our for “Littlehampton Fort Community and Family Fun Day 2

Here is the first of some of the pictures taken by Andy Lee and Chris Koven of the day.  Chris’s ones to follow;

IMG_3956 IMG_3947 IMG_3945 IMG_3943 IMG_3819 IMG_3814 IMG_3810 IMG_3772 IMG_3769















































And the pictures from Chris Koven

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