Andy’s Blog for the Waterfront Festival

Andys Blog for the Waterfront Festival

Sunday the 27th July 2014


A very early start on Sunday,  and a fair few days prior to this preparing the new display boards, but well worth it.

The days weather didn’t start off that good, being a cloudy over cast day, this wasn’t helped by at 10am, my rain alarm went off on my phone signalling that there was heavy rain close by!  Thank fully this didn’t develop into anything, and by the afternoon turned into a really hot day.  My head is witness to this, as i didn’t put a hat or sun cream on lol, and is now nicely sunburnt.   Lesson learnt lol.

We were first down to the event and so could pick prime position.  The stall was very busy with lots of interest and lots of information given away.    I suspect that a couple of people i spoke to, were from the Golf Club, as the questions they were asking were very specific, but i am hoping the answers i gave would put there mind at rest, that actually we are not interested in doing anything to change their greens and tees and just want to save this fort.

We had our leaflets with us for our event in August, and so was good to be giving those out to passing people.    We even managed to sign up one of the stall holders to come along to our event.

Both Carine and Maddy were with me on the day and were brilliant.  Carine was ‘IN THERE LIKE SWIM WEAR’ as they say lol, giving out loads of our leaflets and for the project and the event.  Maddy manned the stall and looked after the children s game, which was a great success.  Both Maddy and Carine are both new to the project, but i was really impressed with the knowledge of the project and history of the fort, and came across very confidently.  Thanks to them for their help.

We raised £55 for the day which is good, but the real value for the day was educating local people on this gem of history we have sitting on our doorstep.

I even managed to do a live interview with Spirit Fm which was put across to the crowds on the day through the PA system they had setup.

Here’s some pictures of the day, there are some videos on our facebook page of the sea plane landing and the sea jet display.


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